Welcome to Laser Focus

At Laser Focus we help businesses to bridge the gap between the experience their customers have online and the service they receive in-person. We do this by helping our clients to showcase their space in a more impactful way through their online portals.

We achieve this with the use of photography, videography and the design and creation of 3D interactive showrooms. Our Virtual showrooms are created using high-quality imagery and or 3D renders, stitched together using state-of-the-art software to simulate the experience of a customer walking around your client's finished product. 

This allows our client's customers to interact with our their brands more effectively, spend time consuming the information that specifically interests them, and allows them to gain a greater understanding and emotional  connection with our client’s products and/or services

Virtual Tours?

A virtual tour is a simulation of a location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still panoramic images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. In essence, it enables your potential customers to view a space, just as they would browse around in person. Except, they can view, anytime, from anywhere in the world. Without impacting your busy schedule.

Virtual Showrooms?

A virtual Showroom takes our Laser Focus Virtual Tours to the next level. Through the use of a well designed menu and information popups throughout the tour, we ensure your customers have assecc to all of the answers they require before getting in touch with you. With the use of call-to-actions dotted throughout, we take away the barriers and ensure your potential customers are taking the next steps towards the sale and aren't just window shopping

3D Rendered Virtual Tours?

Our Laser Focus 3D Render Virtual Tours are a great way to bring a future space to life. We take 2D floorplans and create a 3D model that can be inserted into our virtual tour software. This allows your potential customers wo walk around a space as if they were there in real life. Even if it does not yet exist


Photography is the life blood of all modern day marketing. We ensure that your potential customers are able to build an emotional connection with your space within the first couple of seconds. Getting them wanting to know more about what you have to offer


Videography over the last few years has proven its worth in the marketing world. Its more engaging than video, keeps viewers on your platform for longer and allows you to communicate more information to your potential customers


Sam has done an amazing job creating a virtual tour in the showroom of our gift and furniture retail business VillaWood Creations. The 3D technology is amazing, right from being taken through our showroom, to clicking on a product and arriving at our website for more information and inquiry form. This has had a very positive response, with a daily increase of inquiries and orders coming in. We are so very impressed and totally recommend Sam at Laser Focus to create this amazing tool for any business.

- Angela (Villawood Creations)

Sam completed a virtual tour for a client, he was pleasant, polite and helpful. The finished product was available quicker than expected and we’ve received numerous positive comments on the detail. Will gladly recommend this product and Sam’s service to all my clients. Excellent product for a great price.

- Jasmine Rohland (Ray White)