Our Mission

At Laser Focus we strive to create visuals for buildings and construction that add more information, meaning and impact. We are transforming the way construction companies in New Zealand use imagery within their business to plan, review and market their buildings. Our various camera and drone technologies allow our photography to showcase all angles of a space and structure, packaging the imagery into a product for our clients to utilise and further their desired outcomes.

Meet Sam

After attending High School in Timaru, I moved to Christchurch to chase bigger goals. Right from birth I have been strongly drawn to evolving technology. I often spend hours in the rabbit hole of the internet discovering new inventions in this ever-changing world. Having spent much of my work life in sales and marketing roles, with a passion for photography, I love thinking outside the box to find ways to use imagery to help my clients grow their businesses and reach their targets.

When I'm not working or learning about cutting edge break throughs, I like to spend my downtime fishing and brewing craft beer. My wife Susan, and I have lived in New Brighton for 4 years and are often found down at the beach or bottle lake forest with our puppy, Luna. 

We created Laser Focus to help New Zealand businesses to have access to the latest technology and minimise the gap in efficiency between small and large companies. Hearing the stories from my clients about how much our services have impacted their businesses is what gets me out of bed every morning.

Our Services

We are so grateful to have the pleasure of showcasing our clients amazing spaces every day. Whether it's an apartment in town, a newly renovated kitchen or a milking shed on a farm, the Laser Focus team loves to showcase the aspects that make our clients spaces special